Friday, 26 July 2019


Hello! And thanks for stopping by. Before I launch into telling you about me seeing the Queen, have you seen what Miss P as on her Blog today? No! It’s a rhino on the roof. Lordy, lordy, how on earth did it get there I’d like to know?
Click here to see it, cos I aint imagining it! And don’t forget to come back here!

Now you’re back, I did see the Queen. Have you ever seen the Queen? I don’t mean on TV but out in the street? That day, I was in a very special and old building, I can’t reveal this, but it is in my story. There she was, sat in the back of a black limousine, wearing light blue, I’m sure it was light blue. Once I realised who it was in the procession of cars, I squealed loudly. ‘Blimey, it’s the Queen,’ and did a quick curtsey before waving at her. I swear she waved back at me. I won’t include here what Trish said, cheeky mare she can be at times. Anyway, don’t forget you can take a butchers at my stories, and I did see the Queen!

The Birthday Card
Sometimes It Happens…

I promise you you’ll have a laugh, I did telling the story and so did Miss P as did that pirate author. Next time, I’ll tell you a bit about her, the pirate author I mean. So make sure you come back for a cuppa. I promise we’ll have a teabag each!

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