Friday, 19 July 2019

Mr Greedy

I think we all have a Mr Greedy in our neighbourhood. Down our street, Mr Greedy owns the corner shop, yes they are still going, thankfully! Of course, that’s not the owners real name, it’s Mr Patel. I call him Mr Greedy, cos everything in his shop is bleedin’ expensive and often, than not, out of date!
There’s a supermarket no more than a hundred yards away from his shop and a lot cheaper, but they don’t offer the service Mr Greedy does.
Living in a high-rise flat on a large estate and doing three cleaning jobs a day, might sound ok, but no matter what I save on, I never get ends to meet. So this is where Mr Greedy comes in because he allows me to have me goodies on the slate. I’m supposed to pay up on Friday when I get me pay packet, but there are times when, I need to pay the rent first. Those weeks, I send Trisha in to get the bits we need and me ciggies. I hear you sniff at me wasting me dosh on fags, well a gal has to have some pleasure. Believe you me, I won’t get through the day without a smoke!

If you want to find out more about me, Trish and Mr Greedy, then give me story a once over, it’s not gloomy at all, I like nothing better than a laugh, or a giggle. Even Mr Greedy had to admit, I’m his best ‘slate’ customer, now that’s an accolade… I think!

By the way, did I tell you I saw the Queen? No, not in Mr Greedy’s, but I did see her.

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